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    Skin Pass
  • Product Development

    Nickel-plated Steel
    Laminated Steel
    Super Tin
  • Prior Technology

    Nickel-plated on stainless steel
    Titanium Clad Plate
    Laminated Steel for Retorted Can
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    Technology trends and strategies
    Product planning
    Product analysis
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R&D Cases

Nickel-plated on stainless steel

Nickel plated on stainless steel, demonstrates unique corrosion resistance and excellent electrical conductivity. It is commonly used as coin or button type cells for precision devices. Featuring outstanding electromagnetic shielding, nickel-stainless steel is a promising product specifically targeted at niche electronic devices market requiring electromagnetic shielding materials.

Titanium clad steel

The utilization of cladding technology secured the electroplating process of multi-functioned titanium on dissimilar metals. This success shows our devotion to improving product quality and reducing production cost on the existing product. We anticipate demands in special plates and construction materials markets that require high corrosion resistance.

Value-creating New Technology Development

It is our goal to meet the demand of ever-changing industrial market. The study of Copper-plated steel technology for double wall tube with continuous brazing process and cathode drum silver plating technology for electrolytic copper foil will create new demand in future and contribute to sustainable business.