Laminated Steel (LAMI)

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In recent years, global container industry focuses on developing materials that are environmentally friendly and safe to human health. In regards, instead of printing directly to the steel sheet, Laminated Steel adhesively bonds PET/PP films and steel. Due to its remarkable eco-friendly characteristics, Laminated Steel has been trending in markets such as the United States, Japan and Europe. It is mostly used in water-resistant food and beverage container, lug caps and aerosol parts.


F&B storage / Lug caps / Aerosol parts

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Product Specification

* This Specification applies ot ETP, TFS.

Classification Tin plate, TFS LAMI (2-Piece) LAMI (3-Piece)
Substrate BP TFS Tin Plate
Inner Can Epoxy Phenolic Lacquer Clear PET Adhesive + Clear PET
Outer Can Print Ink & Varnish White PET + Clear PET + Adhesive +
Gravure Print Gravure Print